Bob’s Tropical Moon

Welcome to the Tropical Moon of Thetis

tropical moonThis animated scene is based on a hypothetical tropical moon orbiting an imaginary planet called “Thetis.” The scene pans across a nocturnal landscape abundant with dragon raptors, megasharks and luminous arachnids under the reflected light from the Saturn-like ringed host planet. The scene could be possible in a star system in a galaxy far, far away. Maybe even a long, long time ago too.

Inset: Tropical Moon — click to enlarge.

This was originally a project design for a sidebar banner to compliment a science fiction webpage that I had in mind a few years ago. The background image of an imaginary tropical moon nocturnal scene, Tropical Moon of Thetis, came from an excellent 3D art and graphics website, Digital Blasphemy. I liked the original wallpaper scene so I went with the theme and added some fictitious critters and provided the titles and panning motion.

Since I never actually got around to creating my sci-fi page, I used the graphic on my home page. After a while, however, the continuous sound track started to get on my nerves and would annoy visitors to my website. Not wanting to discard it altogether, I isolated it to this page where it can be appreciated for what it is — a digital art treasure. (Not to worry — I am now retired and have no illusions of more creations like this.)