Alien Stuff – Roswell, NM

We’re in Roswell, NM, home of the reported 1947 Alien spacecraft crash. The following account from History puts the issue in perspective:

In the summer of 1947, a rancher discovered unidentifiable debris in his sheep pasture outside Roswell, New Mexico. Although officials from the local Air Force base asserted that it was a crashed weather balloon, many people believed it was the remains of an extraterrestrial flying saucer; a series of secret “dummy drops” in New Mexico during the 1950s heightened their suspicions. Nearly 50 years after the story of the mysterious debris broke, the U.S. military issued a report linking the incident to a top-secret atomic espionage project called Project Mogul. Still, many people continue to embrace the UFO theory, and hundreds [thousands, I’m thinking – ED] of curiosity seekers visit Roswell and the crash site every year.

We are skeptical about aliens even considering the recent UFO controversy. Perhaps the sightings are of something more Biblical in nature, but who knows for sure but the Almighty.

After today’s dinner in Roswell, we went to the local gift shop and bought a couple of souvenirs:

We’ll be on the road again tomorrow heading somewhere southwest of here.