Wickenburg Bluegrass Festival


Verna and I went to the 36th Annual Wickenburg Bluegrass Festival today. We didn’t stay long, but we enjoyed the music and shopping at the concessions set up on the rodeo grounds.

I took several images of the performance area with the crowd enjoying the music as the performers played. I stitched the images together to make this panoramic view of the event. Click on the image to view the full sized panorama.



If you were to visit us, you just might see this on the TVs in the great room; we watch sports, so this could be seen with football and baseball games (as shown), NASCAR and any other sport, two of a kind, etc.

You might also see (as can be seen in the left display case reflection) a dog or two watching out the front window for people, rabbits, lizards, road runners, etc. to bark at. We all have some form of entertainment. Click on the image to enlarge.

New TV Set

New TV SetVerna and I are football junkies. So much so, that we brought our DirecTV tuner with us to watch a rare Wednesday night NFL game. The plan was to hook the converter to the California dish (still there) and our old analog TV (still there) and watch the game. Unfortunately, the tuner we brought did not furnish the voltage that powers the electronics in the dish like the old tuner.

Image – the new TV with a Tony Romo sack in progress. Click to enlarge.

After thinking the problem over for a while, one solution would have been to get a coaxial power supply for the dish that fits between the tuner and the dish and plugs into the AC power. I checked around and found that I could not readily get the item in time for the game.

The solution we chose, was to simply get an HD digital TV for the California house and hook it up to the outside TV antenna (still there). We found a 26″ TV on sale at one of the local discount stores, hooked it up and now we’re in business.

We decided to swap the new TV with the one in the office in Arizona (smaller screen size). We’ll dispose of the old analog TV that is in the California house.

Baseball Nights

ent-center.jpgI discovered a few days ago that DirecTV was offering free previews to their MLB EXTRA INNINGS® channels. Since the All Star break, Verna and I have been watching various baseball offerings on TV. When DirecTV opened up all their MLB PPV channels for free previews, we hit the baseball jackpot.

Image – our entertainment center – click to enlarge

The offer expires tomorrow, so we will be watching again then. Meanwhile, there will be light blogging.