Ephemeris Back On-Line

Old Sidebar Widget from February 11, 2021

Remember the Solar Ephemeris sidebar widget from our old blog theme? It gave daily information about the sun cycle — that is, sunrise, sunset and so forth. Well, I have it back on-line in the form of a sidebar link to a dedicated page that has the old widget code embedded in it.

I had some problems with making it work with the new versions of the server-side software that we use. There were some minor, but show-stopping changes to the platform that killed the Ephemeris code that ran on the old theme. I spent a couple of hours debugging the code today and now have the prototype running again in the “Bob’s Solar Ephemeris” page. Click on the link or select the page from the sidebar. Disclaimer: it’s still a work in progress and is subject to formatting changes.

One of these days, I might start on an interactive widget where users can put in their own geographical coordinates to see the sun’s daily times for their location.