Old Tombstone Wagon in 3D

I found myself rummaging through some old photos in the archives today and found an image pair that I took in Tombstone, AZ back in 2009. This is a very old buckboard wagon from the 19th century that was sitting along one of the Tombstone side streets. I found the image pair I took back then and today merged them into the anaglyph image above (click to enlarge).

If you don’t happen to have a pair of red/cyan glasses handy, you can view the 2D version of the image here.

Moon and Stearman

Moon and Stearman

Verna and I were out walking the dogs a couple of days ago when I heard the distinctive sound of a radial engine-powered airplane overhead. I did not have my fancy DSLR camera with me at the time, or I’m certain I would have taken a better photo, but this one is not bad considering I used my pocket-sized Canon A1400 point-and-shoot camera. By coincidence, the plane passed very nearly in front of the waning crescent moon. Click on the image to enlarge.

Zero-Eight Foxtrot

Zero-Eight Foxtrot

We recently got a scanner for the office. It is a modern one that runs completely off of the USB port voltage without need for an additional external power source.

I had the above photo hanging in the old office in Torrance until we rescued many of the relics from the house last month. The photo was actually a color print, but the UV from sunlight streaming through the windows for years managed to fade it to a point that I had to recover it in monochrome (sepia in this case) after running it through the scanner.

The photo was taken circa 1976 around the time Nixon was resigning after I had flown a photo shoot for a local photographer. He rewarded me by taking this photo of me hovering in the Hughes 269B helicopter, tail number N9408F “Zero-Eight Foxtrot.” Click on the image to enlarge.

58 Chevrolet Apache Pickup in 3D

58 Chevrolet Apache Pickup

Verna and I were at the pharmacy picking up a prescription today, when an old gentleman drove into the lot in this gorgeous 1958 Chevrolet Apache pickup truck. Verna took several pictures of the truck and I discovered that I could merge two of them into this anaglyph image.

You will need your free pair of 3D glasses to view the image (click image to enlarge). As usual, I have posted the 2D version here.