Wickenburg’s Welcome Wagon

Welcome Wagon

The alliteration in the title refers to the Conestoga seen in the image above. The wagon, along with an Arizona State Historical Marker sit on the southwest corner of the intersection of US 60 and Vulture Mine Road. Click on the image to enlarge.

The marker is dedicated to Vulture Mine which is about 13 miles south of it along Vulture Mine Road. The wagon is used to welcome visitors to town and is often decked out with a banner advertizing this or that event.

Last summer, the wagon was blown over and the cover ripped to shreds by a violent microburst thunderstorm. We are happy that the town and the ‘powers that be’ have restored the wagon to even better than it was before the storm.

Throwback to 1980’s


Bob gave me these old photos of him taken thirty-some years ago, so I could send them up to one of the social media sites as a ‘throwback.’ In the image above, the cowboy dude on the left was actually an urban cowboy while John Travolta was still having Saturday Night Fever.

The guy in the right side of the image was acting as pilot in command of one of a fleet of aircraft at the flight school where he instructed and did charter flights. Click on the composite image to enlarge.

Christmas Trolls

Christmas Trolls

Time to break out the Christmas decorations and my favorite Christmas Troll Dolls! I have been decorating the house for years with my little colorful and festive so-ugly-they-are-cute dolls.

We also decorated the Palo Verde tree out front with red ornaments today. There will be more decorations to come as Christmas Day approaches. Click on the image to enlarge.

Wickenburg Christmas Hat Decorations

Wickenburg Christmas HatBob and I were shopping in the old downtown area yesterday. Across from one of the shops on Tegner, I noticed the town had put up some Christmas decorations on the street lights. On the top of the light fixture, there was a cowboy hat reminiscent of that worn by the town’s founder, Henry Wickenburg.

Image: Wickenburg Christmas Hat – click to enlarge

That’s one of the things we love about our town. It, and the townspeople, have character. I remember seeing the hats from last year, but they are a relatively new item in front of the courthouse where the bust of Henry (inset in the photo) has been placed.

Since we’re not going away this year, we’re looking forward to spending the Christmas Holidays here in tow, enjoying the character of our town.

Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decorations

With Halloween fast approaching, I got out my collection of decorations appropriate to the season. They are accentuated with orange and yellow lilies, also good for fall colors. Click on the image to enlarge.