Leprechaun Verna

Verna, who has a lot of Irish Heritage, put on the colors and décor for St. Patrick’s Day a few days early for our weekly trip to get groceries. There was a little wind that tried to blow her hat away, but she managed to keep that from happening.

She sure looked cute during our weekly excursion for vittles.

Tucker On Line

Hi – I’m Tucker and I will be posting once in a while here.

I am a (almost) three year old long-haired chihuahua mix and love this family.

Watch for my posts.

Photo Update

We’re still here. Verna and I were getting ready to go for our weekly grocery shopping and I set up the little camera for this shot out in the courtyard. Click to enlarge.

The Big “O”

The old and tired saying comes to mind: If I knew I was going to live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself. However, despite our reckless self-deprecation in our earlier years, we have managed to turn all the bad habits into less-worse habits and persevered this far down the road to eternity. We remain in good health and visit the specialists of the few ailments (now in remission) who monitor those functions and all gauges are in the green.

Our festivities for the day will consist of Steaks on the Barbie with a nice salad provided by Verna. There might even be a couple of adult beverages consumed as the day goes on.

We may get some rain and a possible Thunderstorm later today. As I look back on the years, I can remember quite a few times we had lightning shows in mid to late July. That would be nice if we have some of that today – we could use the cooler weather, but not so much the inevitable humidity that comes with it.

Here’s to another trip around Old Sol.