About vernabob.com

Music: “Kaempfert Swing”
Burt Kaempfert Band (1960)


Welcome to the new vernabob.com!

We’re now completely converted from the old stuff and functioning as an online diary/weblog (“blog”). We decided to convert our old website to the blog format of the WordPress Publishing Platform.

As we continue to add new posts here, we also plan to add new gadgets and features to this format. Most all of the features from the old website have been converted and are available in the left sidebar. Check out some of the Potpourri items or our “stuff.”

We’re going to try and have a new item or photo every day, so check back often and get involved in the discussion via Facebook comments.


This website is non-commercial, privately funded and is intended for our mutual enjoyment. We no longer have comments open on the site due to various abuses, however, if you are friends with us on Facebook, then you can comment there.

Enjoy your visit and come back soon!

Verna and Bob