A Dip in the Dog Park Tub

Dip in the Tub

The Mama and the Daddy took us to the dog park today. We haven’t been there in a long time. I had fun. I took a dip in the little tub they keep near the water fountains.

Cabela and I liked being in the dog park so much that we didn’t want to go home. We took a little ride afterwards so I can get used to being in the new truck. Click on me to make me big.

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Desert Monsoon

After the sheets of rain and the strong gusty winds subside, the aftermath of the big rainfall results in the road in front of our house flowing with whitecaps. I took this video from the garage with the wind and rain still blowing a bit. I panned up to the hill on the northeast of the property where lightning was still striking in the distance. Click on the play button to see the video.

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The Courtyard Entrance

Courtyard Entrance

Bob and I were in the courtyard a couple of days ago trimming up some of the shrubs there. Our Cleveland Sage bushes had their usual spring flowers and by the end of July, the flowers had mostly dried up with the protruding flower stalks remaining. We also trimmed the Cimarron Sages along the driveway where they were encroaching the driving space.

I stood on the driveway and took this photo of the courtyard entrance with the gate open. It stays closed most of the time, so it is somewhat unusual to see it open. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Another Gorgeous Arizona Sunset

Arizona Sunset

We were out on the patio last evening at sunset. The rain clouds were dissipating but there were enough of them lingering to form this beautiful fiery display. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Compass Barrel Cactus Flowers

Compass Cactus

I hiked up on the hill behind the house to look at some damage caused a couple of weeks ago by a severe thunderstorm that came through the area. There were some broken limbs and two toppled palo verde trees. There were also some uprooted cholla cacti. Luckily, none of our favorite cacti were damaged. I took a photo of the lone compass cactus on the hill with its crown of flower buds, one of which is open. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Cimarron Sage Flowers

Cimarron Sage

It seems that after a sizable rainfall, we get a lot of these little bluish purple flowers on the Cimarron sage bushes. I took this image on Thursday evening as we were out walking the dogs.

When the flowers drop off in a few days, we will take the trimmer to these bushes in that they are encroaching the driveway. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Spraying for Weeds

Spraying for Weeds

With the rain, comes the weeds. I took my 2 gallon Round-Up® sprayer around the lot spraying wherever I saw weeds. We get quite a variety of unwanted sprouts, most of which I can’t identify. We have weed season from early spring right up through the first signs of winter.

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