Hummingbird and Devil’s Tongue Flowers


I was in the courtyard this afternoon looking for photo ops when I noticed a hummingbird browsing the Devil’s Tongue cactus in Verna’s rock and cactus garden across the RV driveway. I had the telephoto lens on the camera, so I shot several frames of the little bird doing its thing. This was the best of the shots. Click on the image to enlarge.

This cactus came with us from California when we picked and chose what was coming with us. There is also a golden barrel close by that came with us. A second Devil’s Tongue is a few yards away and aspiring to grow into the large stature of the other cacti we brought.

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What’s for Lunch?

Cheese steak Sandwich

On Thursday, Verna prepared a couple of wonderful sandwiches consisting of pan-seared beef tenderloin slices, mushrooms, onions, garlic bits bell peppers and cheese. I’m posting this here since the weekend food blog entry was already composed.

There were some extra mushrooms and onions on the plate, but I got them scooped into the sandwich as I consumed it. Damn, this was good. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Desert Summer Evening Clouds (with Moon)


Summertime brings some lovely sunset images, just as the other seasons around here. This set of clouds under the half moon, rose to produce a narrow shaft of intense showers to the south of us last night. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Watch Dog

Red Dog

We have no fear of anything unusual going undetected while Beethoven (Bay Bay) is on the lookout. I was out hanging up a bird feeder in the back yard as Bay Bay looked on keeping watch for the unexpected. He made a ruckus at one point when a roadrunner appeared on the hill behind us. It was way up on the hill by the neighbor to the north; I had to look several times before I saw the roadrunner move. Good watchdog.

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If you were to visit us, you just might see this on the TVs in the great room; we watch sports, so this could be seen with football and baseball games (as shown), NASCAR and any other sport, two of a kind, etc.

You might also see (as can be seen in the left display case reflection) a dog or two watching out the front window for people, rabbits, lizards, road runners, etc. to bark at. We all have some form of entertainment. Click on the image to enlarge.

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The Dry Hassayampa River

Dry Hassayampa River

I took this photo from the bridge on US 60 westbound across the now dry Hassayampa River which has been flowing wet a couple of times this summer. This is the confluence of Sols Wash, in from the left, and the main river flowing down from the upper right side.

The river rose above its banks on July 18, 2015 in what is now known as The Wickenburg Storm Event. The Flood Control District of Maricopa County classified the storm as a millennium event, or happening once in a thousand years.

We were on the way back from delivering our trailer to the dealer who is going to make some repairs so it will be available for our California and Nevada vacation next month. We also will use the trailer as a “guest room” when some of our family visits us late next month.

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In the Garden

Tomato WormVerna’s garden in the courtyard recently became infested with tomato worms. She has one pot with tomato vines and two others with pepper plants. The worms like both types of vegetation and have been found in both planters.

As of today, four of the little beasties have been removed from the garden. The first of them she found was as big as my index finger. The others were smaller, but at least a couple of inches in length.

I photographed the worm in the lower image on the right just before Verna plucked off the infested branch and tossed it out toward the RV drive, the same treatment given the previous worms found. I figure one or more of the enterprising roadrunners that hang out near the house welcomed the nice juicy treats.

Click on either image to enlarge.

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