Alex’s Second Birthday

Alex at two

We’re a day late to post about our great grandson’s second birthday. One of the grand daughters posted this on the book with faces today, so I’m re-posting it here. Happy Birthday Li’l Dude.

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Gonna See This Little Guy Next Week

Jerry AsleepWe’re on the road for a family reunion starting tomorrow and lasting until we get back home. We made arrangements to visit with our grandson, Jerry and his parents a week from tomorrow.

Before that, however, we will be in Stockton with our family from various places, mostly in California. They will dribble in and out at the sister’s place over the next few days.

We’re going to impose ourselves on my sister for a week, just to get caught up on everything and after that head back south for the rendezvous with little Jerry. We will have to stay one more night in a campground near Bakersfield on our way to Palm Desert.

When our visit with the kids and grandson is complete, we will be headed back home after a couple of weeks on the road. It has been, and will be, a lot of fun.


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Salt Lake City Skyline

Salt Lake City

Our drive today took us up from Provo along Interstate 15 on our way to connect to Interstate 80 westbound. I took this photo of the skyline of the buildings in downtown Salt Lake City as we passed by on the Interstate. This is the first time I have been to this area, but Bob was here both as a kid on a Continental Trailways bus with Mom and Brothers and later as a pilot several times on charter or leisure flights. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Capitol Reef National Park

Us at Capitol Reef National Park

Neither of us have ever been in this part of Utah; the Capitol Reef National Park is quite a beautiful and scenic place. We arrived last night and stayed just up the road. We drove through today on our way to our present location in Provo, UT. Capitol Reef National Park is quite a beautiful place.

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A Utah Mountain Flower

Mountain Flower

I took this photo of a flower that was at a rest stop high in the mountains of Utah on our journey today on our way to see Capitol Reef National Park. We’re camped about ten miles from the park tonight and will see it tomorrow.

Our next stop will be in the Salt Lake City area of Utah. After that, we will head across Nevada going toward my sister’s place in California.

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The Colorado River in Grand Canyon

The Colorado River

We drove through the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park today on our way to Page/Lake Powell. We were in Williams last night and are camped here in Page tonight.

While we were stopped at the Desert Watchtower near the east entrance to the park, I took several photos of the canyon and the river below. This is a section of the river as seen from near the Watchtower. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Colorful Seligman Facades Panorama

Facades Panorama

We were in Seligman, Arizona, which is a Route 66 tourist trap along the I-40 business loop that serves that community. Verna was souvenir shopping at the Roadkill Cafe while I and the pups waited in the RV. I took a couple of images of the old western mock-up next to the cafe and merged them into this panoramic image. Click on the image to enlarge.

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