Bob’s Stuff

3D Stuff — Since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by stereoscopic (3D) pictures — I grew up with View Master® reels, 3D movies and comics. So, as a hobby, I like to take images that can be converted to 3D. The 3D Stuff pages showcase a couple of dozen (or more) 3D images — you will need 3D glasses though. You will also see me post 3D pictures in the blog in the Bob’s 3D Stuff category.

Calendar is a page that displays a fifteen-month calendar; it starts with last month and continues for over a year’s worth of dates.

Triangle Solver — A nerdy, but completely functional application to solve unknown attributes of triangles. Very trigonometrical . . .

Music Stuff — Not a lot of information but shows I am a music aficionado.

BS BINGO — A leftover from the old days of endless motivation meetings.