Wilderness Park

wilderness parkNestled in a few acres and not generally visible unless you’re in it, lies Redondo Beach’s Wilderness Park. A repose from the bustling city suburbs just a few yards away, this peaceful and idyllic park is the calm within the storm.

Within the park, you can feel isolated, yet walking up the path to the park’s east boundary, you can get panoramic views of the south bay skyline. There is a pond there too – today there were several ducks by the pond and one timid snowy egret that swooshed up to the top of a sycamore tree when we showed up. A screech owl flew out of it’s roost loudly vocalizing as it went along.

Hopkins Wilderness Park was developed in 1977 as a center for camping, nature study and conservation. The 11-acre site includes a Visitor Center used for nature-related classes and meetings; four ecological habitats: forest, meadows, streams, and ponds; amphitheater with firepit (150 capacity); three overnight campgrounds: Gumwood Camp, Pine Camp, and Sycamore Camp (30 person capacity each); Day Camp picnic site (30 person capacity); and public restrooms and support facilities.

No entrance fee is required for individuals or families who wish to visit the park.

The pond is shown below. As usual, you can click on most of our thumbnail pictures to see a larger view.