Vulture Mine Historical Marker in 3D

This is an accidental 3D image that Verna took of the Vulture Mine Historical Marker near US 60 and Vulture Mine Road in Wickenburg, AZ. I say “accidental” because she snapped two images of the same scene as the truck rolled slowly down the road. I took her pair of images and combined them into a red cyan anaglyphic image that can be viewed with a pair of 3D glasses. Click on the image to enlarge.

The Vulture Mine Historical Marker is located about 12 miles north of the actual Vulture Mine itself. The remnants of Vulture City which sprang up in the mine’s heyday are scattered around the mine shaft. There is a souvenir shop in one of the old buildings where you can get your map of the self-guided tour of the area.

Just in case you don’t have your pair of 3D glasses handy, you can see the 2D image here.