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VernaBob Blog Now 13 Years Old


It has been quite a long time since we first acquired the domain, so it’s not one of those suddenly we’re thirteen sort of days. In fact, we probably have had that domain name for nearly twenty years, but only started the Wordpress© blog thirteen years ago today. I have the archives from the old websites on some media somewhere, but don’t really intend to revive any of them anytime soon, if ever.

Now that we’re retired and living in our lovely desert casita, we don’t blog as much as in the past. Social media and smart phone messaging keep us in touch with family and friends and let them know what we’re up to and can mutually know what they’re doing as well.

We intend to keep posting here for posterity (it is an online diary, after all) when the events or whims of the day seem like something we want to share or put in the blog for storage. Some photos Verna or I take are too good to not share in a couple of places, for example. We also plan to travel some and that activity ought to be recorded.

So we will be here sporadically until next year when we will post about the fourteenth blogaversary.

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VERNABOB.COM 12th Anniversary


Today marks the 12th year that we have been open for blogging. We don’t blog as much or regularly these days, well, because retirement finds so many ways to use your time and efforts otherwise. The following was our opening statement after converting from our old format to Wordpress:

We’re now completely converted from the old stuff and functioning as an online diary/weblog (”blog”). We decided to convert our old website to the blog format of the WordPress Publishing Platform.

As we continue to add new posts here, we also plan to add new gadgets and features to this format. Most all of the features from the old website have been converted and are available in the left sidebar. Check out some of the Potpourri items or our “stuff.”

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Eleventh Blogaversary

Pruned Mesquite

Our first post on VERNABOB.COM was on July 17, 2006. We put up a couple of photos of us taken in our leisure time since we were still reporting to work in those days.

We don’t blog as much or regularly these days, well, because retirement finds so many ways to use your time and efforts otherwise. Today, I took off a major upright limb from the mesquite tree by the RV driveway. I pruned off the remaining low-hanging branches that were almost reaching the ground. Click on the image to enlarge.

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VERNABOB.COM 10th Anniversary


It was ten years ago that we started operations on VERNABOB.COM. Our first post was about a visit to Point Vicente in California. Since then, we have mostly documented our doings from then to now. Our lives have been quite an adventure over the last decade and we hope to document many more over the next decade.

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VERNABOB.COM Ninth Blogiversary


We posted this photo on the blog on July 17, 2006, shortly after converting our website to the Wordpress blogging format, hence our first blog post. We posed for the robot camera at Point Vicente Interpretive Center in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

That was exactly nine years ago. At that time, I was still working in the aerospace business and Verna was a full-time home maker. Less than a week after this photo was taken, we would be in Arizona visiting The Grand Canyon.


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ISP Maintenance Scheduled

jackhammer.pngOur internet service provider has notified us that there may be intermittent outages in our MySQL access over the weekend. Please tune back in after it’s over. Thanks.

The weekend of February 16th and 17th Omnis Network will be performing deep cleaning of the equipment in our data center. The cleaning may require the halting of some services such as POP/IMAP Email or MySQL database for up to one hour while the physical server is thoroughly cleaned.

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A Pod of Dolphins in the Pacific


We keep in touch with a friend in California via the internet. “DrJim” is a scientist who occasionally goes to sea on a vessel whose purpose is to launch geosynchronous satellites from the equator. Jim sent us this photo of a pod of dolphins somewhere between Los Angeles and 154° west longitude at the equator. The helicopter pilots were up on a photographic mission when they spotted the dolphins. Click on the image to enlarge.

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