Throwback Thursday

Canyonlands National Park

Eight years ago today – Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Canyonlands National Park. This is near where Verna collected a small vial of red dirt that would later be used to provide the color match for paint on our Arizona home. Click on the image to enlarge.

Joys of Dog Ownership

Joys of Dog Ownership

When I say “Dog Ownership,” I actually mean the DOGS OWN US. Verna took this photo of me coming down Gloria’s Driveway today holding a bag of the puppies everyday contribution to the perpetuation of the ecology of the planet. These bags go to the landfills and eventually decay so that the nitrogen cycle of the contents can be released, thus completing the aforementioned contribution.

We had rain today, badly needed in the desert and there is more forecast for the week to come – April Showers/ May flowers. Click on the image to enlarge.



There is a large pond in the RV resort very near where we were parked during our recent visit to see the kids and grandson. These ducks seem to be part of the landscape when we visit this park.

The baby and his parents were feeding Cheerios to these guys as they came very near our camping spot. This was very entertaining for the six-month old boy who laughed and made noises to try and attract the ducks to come closer, which, of course, they were wise not to have done.

Click on the image to enlarge.

Custom RV Plate Ordered

Custom RV Plate

Yesterday, I got on the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) internet connection and searched for a custom plate for the “Roadrunner,” our new RV Motorhome. Luckily, the alphanumeric sequence of “VRNABOB” was available. Had there been the availability of eight, rather than seven, character limit, I have no doubt that I would have been able to get both of our names complete without having to concatenate the “E” out of VERNA’s name. Click on the image to (slightly) enlarge.