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Catalina Flashback

Catalina Flashback

When we got married on Catalina Island, it was about five years before we returned for another visit. This photo was from our vacation there in September of 2004, almost ten years ago.

I was rummaging around some of the photo archives on the terabyte disk and found this one taken as we departed for the mainland. Click on the image to enlarge.

New Dockside Catalina Webcam

Catalina Express installed a new webcam on Avalon’s landing dock. The new camera shows the dock, any vessels that might be there and the Casino in the background. You can view the image here. This is an image I captured this morning:


Catalina’s Casino Gets a Facelift

casino-shroud.jpgOne of our favorite landmarks on Santa Catalina is currently undergoing a ‘face-lift’ to restore the exterior. A large drape has been installed around the building to protect the renovation from the elements and to suppress construction dust while the work is being done.

The same company that restored the landmark Villa Riviera Hotel to it’s early 20th century magnificence will be doing the work. The cost of the update is estimated to be around three-quarters of a million dollars. The Santa Catalina Island Company decided to upgrade and restore the historic Casino‚Äôs exterior to its original 1920s splendor.

We hope that the work will be done in time for our annual pilgrimage to the island where we got married. Our vacation to Avalon usually occurs in the middle of September.

The image above (click to enlarge) is courtesy of the Catalina Webcam.

You can read the complete story at California’s Boating and Fishing site, The Log.

Catalina Panorama at Point Vicente


Verna and I loaded Bear in the car the morning of Thanksgiving Day and headed over the hill to Point Vicente. We went because when I looked at the Catalina web cam (at the isthmus) on the Internet shortly after I woke up, I could see not only the mainland, but the mountains behind. That means there would be photo-op quality visibility from Point Vicente in the direction of Catalina Island.

We walked along the path in the Interpretive Center toward the Northwest where I took the images to merge into the panorama seen above. Click to the full-size panorama.

Catalina Web Cams

Casino Cam/Avalon HarborEvery once in a while, I take a look at the webcams on Catalina Island. There are several of them, some in Avalon and others in more remote places.

Pavilion Lodge Cam
Casino Cam
Catalina Landing Cam
Two Harbors Cam
Two Harbors (360° view)
Isthmus (360° view)
Interior (360° view)

If you’re a Catalina junkie, like we are, you will enjoy vicariously visiting the island on the links above. The clickable image is a screenshot (reduced) of the Casino Cam taken on a clear evening. If you get Catalina wanderlust when you click over, it’s at your own risk! I know that I get the urge to go every time I look.