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Meeting Mikey

Grandma Loves Babies Papa Meeting Mikey

One of the main reasons for traveling to Northern California was to arrange to meet our newest great grandchild, Mikey. He is the second son born to our eldest granddaughter, Anna. She was there with our other great grandson, Alex (you can see his head in the right side photo above) and Alyssa, our second eldest granddaughter brought Maci, our seven month old great granddaughter.

We had lunch at a restaurant near to the girls’ homes and enjoyed seeing all the families. Click on either image to enlarge.

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Two Stepping Couple

Two Stepping CoupleNeither of us are quite sure when this was taken other than to say sometime in the early 1980’s. We recognize the dancing style as being the Texas Two-Step since we were into the country music thing then (and still are today but without the going out to nightclubs thing).

When this was taken, we were in our house gathered with family and friends for some occasion. It might have been a family celebration or of Verna’s sister Carol and husband Rod’s renewal of vows. We’re clearly having fun at whatever occasion this was.

This photo courtesy of Verna’s sister Brenda.

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Alex’s Third Birthday

Alex’s Third Birthday

Last May, when we were visiting the grandkids in Northern California, I let little Alex “borrow” my little pocket sized Canon A710S. At 2½ years old, he managed to take a few good photos among the messed-up ones you might expect from a kid that age.

So, for his birthday today, we sent him a Kid Zoom Camera designed for kids 3 to 8 years old. The photo above shows him with his new camera just after opening it.

Photo via FecesBook™ posted by my eldest granddaughter. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Nineteenth Wedding Anniversary


Today is the nineteenth anniversary of our wedding day. We were married in the City of Avalon on Catalina Island. Dozens of friends and family were in attendance.

In addition to the 19th anniversary gemstone aquamarine bracelet shown above, Verna has another turquoise and silver rope bracelet. The latter two were purchased locally while the AQ came in the mail from an on-line vendor. Next year is the Emerald anniversary.

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Dip in the Spa

Dip in the Spa

During spring and fall we may heat the spa, but when the outside temperatures here in the Sonoran Desert climb above 100 or so, the heater goes off and we use the spa as a place to cool off. The water temperature (measured today) was a cool 85° while the ambient temperature on the patio where the tub lives was 104°.

I captioned this photo on the FecesBook™ post I made today as “When it’s a dry heat - get wet!” Click on the image to enlarge (credit to Verna).

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Throwback House Progress

October 2010 House Progress

Verna and I posed for this photo in October of 2010, just a few weeks before we moved in to our Arizona Home. The house foundation and framing started in August of that year, so this was about two months of progress into the four months that it took before it was certified for occupancy.

In the six years, four months and one week since this photo was taken, we have been and continue to be extremely happy with our decision to move to Arizona. Life threw some curves at us during that time, but we’ve recovered from those and continue to happily prosper (split infinitive intentional).

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New Framed Pictures of Grandson Jerry


While we were visiting in Palm Desert last week, we exchanged belated Christmas and (my birthday) gifts with the kids. We got a hand made and painted clay bowl from them for our joint Christmas gift and I got a framed set of photos of the baby. We hung the new picture frame over my desk in the office at home. Click on the image to see the full office context.

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