Camping Day 9 — Lubbock, TX

After another day of gusty wind driving, we arrived last night in Lubbock, TX, for some R&R. We got all checked in to the campground, opened the slideouts, hooked up the sewer/water/electric and immediately had dinner that Verna prepared.

This campground is very nice, but has a couple of drawbacks in that there is a busy highway and a railway right next to it. We’re OK with that since we can run the RV Fan or A/C to provide some white noise to cover most of the outside noise.

We are going to grill a couple of steaks today and that will be dinner along with some veggies. We usually take a walk after that with the dogs. Later, we will watch TV and probably a movie. We’re really roughing it out here.

Tomorrow is shopping day with a stop planned in Sweetwater, TX for that activity. Thence on to Abilene, TX for a one-night stop before heading out to our eclipse-watching destination.

Camping Day 8 — Roswell, NM

Don’t let the sunshine (April) fool you about the weather here and on the drive from Albuquerque to Roswell; we had not-so-good weather most of the day until within a couple dozen miles of Roswell. We started out in the snow and drove through fog, sleet and gusty crosswinds along the route. We had a few light showers later in the trip along US 285 enroute to where we are now.

At any rate, we’re here and settled in for the night. We will be headed to Lubbock, Texas in the morning. We will be there for a couple of days as we continue to enjoy the trip to our eventual campsite where we are hoping for clear skies to enjoy the total solar eclipse.

Easter Sunday 2024

We’re camped in Albuquerque on this Easter Sunday. The dogs, Cabela and Tucker are with us relaxing in the RV. We will be here overnight and then headed out to Roswell, NM, tomorrow.

Our Easter dinner later today, will be Ham Steaks with Veggies. The Potted Easter Lily, below, is with us here in the RV. Click on the image to enlarge.

May this day find all the people of the world rejoicing in the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen!

Camping Day 6 — Albuquerque, NM

We arrived here at the American RV Resort which was only a short (less than 2 hours) drive over from Gallup. The road on I-40 was rough in many places and there were steady winds blowing laterally at 20 with gusts to 35 or so. Verna took this photo of a 20 knot windsock along I-40 fully inflated.

Despite all that, we’re camped at a familiar old RV Park, the same one we were at during last October’s Annular Eclipse.

Camping Day 5 — Gallup, NM

We are in Gallup tonight where the weather is very windy and cool (WSW@20G35 61°F). We are here on old Route 66, but not planning to do any sightseeing while camping.

We have a much better internet connection today. Still, this will be a short blog. We’re here for one night and will be spending Easter in Albuquerque. After that, we continue wandering down to Waco, TX, where we hope to have clear skies for the eclipse.

We will likely post again tomorrow when in Albuquerque.

Camping Day 3 – Monument Valley

We have a crappy internet connection so this will be short.

We’re in Monument Valley for a couple of days. We had an uneventful drive from Flagstaff and got here in time to check into the RV campground and get all hooked up to the utilities.

Stay tuned for more in a couple of days.