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Cabela’s Thirteenth Birthday

Teenage Min Pin

Eleven years ago, I came to live with my hoomins. We had to wait a couple of months while the little house got finished before we could move in. Meanwhile we lived in the big house and the Super 8. Now we’re always in the little house and maybe gone in the RV sometimes. I like it here.

Today is my thirteenth birthday, but I am not slowing down a bit. I still run and play at top speed and bark at stuff just because.

Cabela is 12!

Cabela relaxing at Desert Oasis

Today, our elder dog, Cabela, is approximately twelve years old. I say that since when we adopted her from the Humane Society here in town, she was estimated to be about two years old but her actual birth date was unknown. That was ten years ago this month at the time we were having our Arizona house built.

Cabela is probably a pure bred miniature pinscher “blue” but we have no history on her other than she was found near the rodeo grounds up in Constellation Park here in Wickenburg. We figure she was cropped and bobbed by her original owners who managed to let her run off somehow. I pity their loss. At the same time, we feel fortunate to have this little dog despite her high-strung personality and a tendency to bark at most everything. She truly must think she’s ten feet tall and bullet proof.

At twelve, Cabela shows few signs of growing old. She is quite active, can still jump and run at full speed and when on a leash can drag “The Daddy” along to where she wants to go. Despite being headstrong, she can be a nice companion here at home and still sleeps on the bed with us, sometime stealing the covers. She is quite the character and we love her.

Cabela’s Toys

Cabela’s Toys

The Mama says that I look like I have “Bubba J” teeth when I hold my new squeaky ball in my mouth. I don’t know who that is, but I like to play catch and chase after the toys. Those are the rest of my toys in the bucket under the coffee table.

The Mama got me this ball when she was at the dollar store last week. I like it. Click to make me and the squeaky ball big.

Bumps on Cabela’s Nose

Bumps on Cabela’s Nose

Sometime last few days, something bit me or stung me on my snout. My hoomins didn’t notice when it happened, cause I am always sticking my nose in holes wherever I find them.

The Mama took this picture of me to show the bumps on my snout just behind my nose. They don’t seem to be causing me any pain or discomfort. Click on me to make me big.

Cabela Jumps for Joy

Cabela Jumps for Joy

When the Mama starts fixing breakfast for me and Bay Bay, I get so excited that I jump up and down until the Mama brings the bowls to us. I also jump when I am excited about going out, coming in, getting a treat or just about anything when I’m about to get what I want.

The Daddy took this picture of me when I was up in the air this morning. Click on me to make me big.

Cabela’s New Shirt


The Mama and Daddy got me this nice T-shirt today. It still is cool at night and since I have very short hair, the shirt keeps me warm. Bay Bay is getting a shirt next week so he can be warm like me. I don’t know what the words say, but the Mama and Daddy think it’s funny and cute like me. Click the picture to make me big.