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Flashback – Cabela’s Squeaky Toy

Here is a flashback to three years ago today just after we moved into the new Arizona House which includes a story by, and a video of, Cabela.


Hi – this is Cabela. I am at the new house with my hoomins and Bear. We don’t have a lot of furniture yet but I do have my squeaky toy and a lot of other toys. I just love to play with my toys and I especially like to play with the squeaky toy. I like to make it go squeak and I like to chew on it.

You can watch me squeaking my toy. The Daddy took this movie of me in the new house while I was playing.

Cabela is Five Years Old Today

CabelaHi! This is Cabela. I am five years old today. I am a royal blue miniature Pinscher. I was born on August 4, 2008 and I weigh fifteen pounds. My lucky hoomins adopted me from the Wickenburg Humane Society where I lived for a couple of weeks. I love to eat, play and sleep.

I have been with the Mama and the Daddy for three years now, and I am happy and healthy. Sometimes I get a little feisty, but that is my way of playing. I love to chase my squeaky toys when the hoomins throw them. I like when the hoomins throw my toys and I can play keep away with them. I run around the coffee table and jump up on the sofa and love seat to keep the toy away from them.

Click on me to make me big.

Cabela in the Tub

Cabela in the Tub

Sometimes, when it is really hot outside, the Mama puts me in the tub after my morning walk. Bay Bay jumps in by himself, but the Mama has to help me. I like it, though, it feels nice on a hot day. Click to make me big.

Cabela Likes Going for a Walk


The Daddy took a picture of me while we were out on the road going for a walk. I like sniffing the ground, chasing lizards, barking at traffic and all the other fun things that dogs like to do. When I want to go out, I run to the Daddy or the Mama and jump up and make noise so they will take me. Yes, I am a spoiled little dog. Click on the image to make me big.