The Titanic 100 Years Later

stern.jpegVerna and I watched the interesting two-hour documentary “Titanic at 100: Mystery Solved” this evening. It was the story of one of the latest expeditions to document the disaster and to try and determine the actual cause of the sinking of the RMS Titanic (Verna says “It was the @$#! iceberg – get over it!”).

Underwater image of Titanic’s Stern on the ocean floor

All that aside, it was very interesting. The team of scientists, oceanographers and archaeologists sought to explore and map the entire debris field at the bottom of the North Atlantic. Ultimately, their conclusion agreed with Verna’s assertion; the accident was a result of the overwhelming force of the vessel striking iceberg. There was no actual fault in the construction and design and the crew was following standard procedures and because of unusually calm conditions, they were unable to see the iceberg until it was too late to maneuver the immense vessel around it.

If you’re a history and archaeology buff or interested in the technologies used by the expedition, we recommend you watch the documentary. We saw the premiere tonight, but I’m sire it will come on History Channel again.

Superbowl – Goodbye Football Until September


Adios to football for another off-season. The distraction from regular blogging is now over. Plan on seeing (usually) a post every day.

Congratulations to the New York Giants on their defeat of the New England Patriots 21-17.

America’s Most Wanted Back on TV

amw.pngVerna and I were disappointed last year when John Walsh and “America’s Most Wanted” were discontinued as a regular feature on the FOX TV network. However, a few weeks ago, we discovered that the show is back on the air every week on the Lifetime TV Network.

Lifetime is on channel 252 on the DirecTV lineup. AMW airs on Fridays at 9PM Eastern. The show is as good as it ever was, still bringing in perps and pervs at a good clip. The AMW website is still active with lots of information about the current list of our most wanted criminals still at large.

I Like The Dog Park

The Mama and the Daddy took me, Bear and Cabela to the dog park today. I have been there before, but today I sniffed and ran all over the park. It was fun. This is me running over to the Daddy who was calling for me to come to him. I love my new home and hoomins. Click on our picture to make us big.


The New Entertainment Center


The cabinet makers delivered our entertainment center today. We asked them to match the knotted alder wood cabinets that they installed while the house was being built. I think they did an excellent job. We’re watching football this afternoon, so this will be a short post. Click on the image to enlarge.