Bay Bay

In The Tub at the Dog Park

In The Tub

The Mama and Daddy took Cabela and me to the dog park today because it will soon be to hot to go here in the summer. The Mama brought my tub into the park and filled it with water so I could splash around and get cool in the water.

After the swim in the tub, I ran and ran around the park without my leash until it was time to go home. We like the dog park. Click on me in the tub to make me big.

Keeping Watch

Keeping Watch

Sometimes the Mama or the Daddy lets me jump up on the patio spa so I can keep watch for the critters that come here. When I see a road runner or a rabbit, I bark at it. When I see a javelina, I REALLY bark at it. Or them.

When I am done watching, I go in the house and someone gives me a treat. Click on me to make me bigger.

Relaxing After a Tedious Desert Crossing

Evening Dog Walk

The Mama and the Daddy took Cabela and me down to the dog park at the RV place. It was late in the evening but we got to have fun running around and being off the leash for a while.

The Daddy took this picture of me and the Mama walking down the street before we got to the dog park. The Mama liked the colors in the sky. Click on the image to enlarge.

Keepin’ Cool in the Pool

Cool in the Pool

Yow! It’s hot outside these days, especially after taking the morning walk to go do our doody. When we get back, the Mama and the Daddy have this nice wading pool for Cabela and I to cool off in.

Today, I was trying to swim in the water to cool off my back and belly. Cabela got in after I was done. Click on me to make me big.

Take Me to the Mama

The Daddy Carrying Me

The Mama went outside and I couldn’t see her. I went to the Daddy and gave him my worried look because I didn’t know where the Mama went.

The Daddy won’t let me outside without a leash ’cause I run and explore. So, he picked me up and we went looking for the Mama.

We finally found her in back of the house. She took this picture of the Daddy and me when she saw us. Click on us to make us big.