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Six-Shooter Earrings

EarringsSince my birthday is very close to Christmas, Bob usually gets me something for my “Un-Birthday” in June (six months before or after). He bought me a nice pendant and some matching earrings made by an Arizona Native American jewelry artist in silver and turquoise, spiny oyster and a couple of other inlaid stones.

Before finishing the credit card transaction with the jeweler, I spotted these VERY CUTE miniature revolver earrings in the case. Of course, I HAD to have them too, so Bob got them for me as well. I’ve been wearing them all day. :) Click on the image to enlarge.

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Magazines and Ammunition

Magazines and AmmoLook what the FedEx truck brought today! Two Magpul PMAG 30 round magazines and a hundred rounds of 5.56×45 55 grain rounds to fill ‘em up. We had a small refund from the IRS and Arizona Department of Revenue and thought that we should invest part of the money in ammunition.

Image: new Magpul PMAG magazines and a hundred rounds of ammunition (eighty rounds in boxes and 20 rounds standing on the primers). Click on the image to enlarge.

We were going to the shooting range today, but it’s still a little cool and windy for us. We will make our pilgrimage when the weather warms up a bit. We need the practice and are anxious to shoot the AR-15 some more.

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Desert Rustica

Desert Rustica

This is the fence that isolates our shooting range from Constellation road. It is typical of many fences in our desert community. Rustic posts and barbed wire keep the large critters out, but small things can come in although the gunfire tends to keep them at bay. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Shooting Fat Man

Shooting Fat Man

Verna took this photo of me shooting “Fat Man,” my Glock 30, .45 caliber pistol, at the range a couple of weeks ago (note the ejected brass flying out of the breech). We were shooting at the target posted on our new home-built target stand. We also shot Verna’s 9mm S&W 908s and our new Wyndham Weaponry AR-15 .223 caliber carbine. We had a lot of fun that day.

Next week we will be heading down the Cabela’s in Glendale to pick up some ammo and cleaning supplies for the new rifle. We also will be getting some home maintenance stuff from Lowe’s while we’re down in the west valley. The dogs will be getting baths and a Bear cut. ;) Click on the image to enlarge.

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Range Day

We went to the range today and finally got to shoot our new AR15. We took turns shooting five rounds at the target on our new target stand (target-stand.jpg). In the video to the right, Verna sends one of her five-round volleys downrange.

We set the target stand about 25 yards downrange to try out our new toy. The rifle is pretty accurate and we both got several rounds near the center of the target on our first tries.

We also shot about fifty rounds of 9mm with the S&W 908s pistol and fifty rounds of .45 ACP with “Fat Man,” the Glock 30 subcompact pistol. I moved the target stand closer to about 7 yards.

The target stand worked just fine. Now that we have it, we will be going to the range more. We badly needed the target practice today and it felt good to get back into shooting.

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Target Stand Progress (Finally)

Target StandAbout six weeks have passed since we decided to build a portable target stand. We always seem to be busy doing something else, but yesterday, Verna suggested we make it a project for sooner rather than later.

Today we went to one of the local lumber and hardware outlets and spent a little over $20 getting the parts; the lumberyard man cut all the pieces to the specified lengths. We brought the parts home and assembled them. I had to whittle the furring strips a little to allow them to fit into the ABS since the inner diameter of the pipe is 1½ and the wood did not fit without taking a little off of the bottom six inches of the strips.

The image is shown with a target installed, but we did not have the 24 by 36 inch cardboard section. We will look behind the grocery store tomorrow to see if we can swipe a carton or something from which to make the cardboard backing.

We hope that we can take the stand to the range on Friday to try it out. We also want to try out our new Wyndham Weaponry AR 15 at the same time.

Click on the image to enlarge. We will report on our outing to the range on Friday.

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Overdue Target Practice


We had sort of a busy day today. We took the dogs to the groomer for baths and a haircut for the big girl. That gave us a little time on our hands to get some things done. We went Christmas shopping (yes, in July), took Verna’s S&W 442 pistol to the Gun Trader for some cleanup, did some other shopping for provisions and then went to the range for some badly needed practice.

Image - Yours truly firing my Glock 30 .45 and Verna firing her S&W 908S 9mm pistol - click to enlarge.

The shooting went well after some problems getting the target set up. The club renovated the pistol bays and the old target stand rails were gone, so we had to improvise on a target stand. The weather gave us a little break since it only got up to around 102° today.

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