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Reconnoitering a Local Crafts and Gift Shop

Verna with Metal Sculptures

We took the dogs to the groomer today and afterwards we drove up US 60 the short distance to check out a tourist-y shop that had changed hands since the last time we were there several years ago. We finally had the opportunity to take a look. The sign outside the store says “Collectables and Gifts, Southwestern Decor, Garden Pottery and Nursery.” Yep, it was all of that, but terribly overpriced (for the most part) and dealing with mostly imported goods and not necessarily “southwestern made” stuff.

It was fun to look around the stuff, some of it quite nice (but too expensive for what it is) and colorful to boot. Verna posed with some metallic sculptures in the outdoor portion of the place. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Nineteenth Wedding Anniversary


Today is the nineteenth anniversary of our wedding day. We were married in the City of Avalon on Catalina Island. Dozens of friends and family were in attendance.

In addition to the 19th anniversary gemstone aquamarine bracelet shown above, Verna has another turquoise and silver rope bracelet. The latter two were purchased locally while the AQ came in the mail from an on-line vendor. Next year is the Emerald anniversary.

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Six-Shooter Earrings

EarringsSince my birthday is very close to Christmas, Bob usually gets me something for my “Un-Birthday” in June (six months before or after). He bought me a nice pendant and some matching earrings made by an Arizona Native American jewelry artist in silver and turquoise, spiny oyster and a couple of other inlaid stones.

Before finishing the credit card transaction with the jeweler, I spotted these VERY CUTE miniature revolver earrings in the case. Of course, I HAD to have them too, so Bob got them for me as well. I’ve been wearing them all day. :) Click on the image to enlarge.

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Countdown to the Great American Solar Eclipse

The countdown has been underway here for almost five years since we first made our reservations at the RV campground near the centerline of the eclipse in Wyoming. Now, however, we’re down to the last few weeks before the big event. The Javascript countdown timer above shows the remaining time to the start of the eclipse (first lunar encroachment) in Arizona Time.

The date of the eclipse is August 21, 2017. The beginning of the eclipse is dependent on the location of the observer, but in our case is 16:22:20 UTC, The seven hour difference has been adjusted in the timer. Totality follows a bit over an hour later. The interactive eclipse map has moved to the NASA Eclipse pages:

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Our New RV Palace

Thor Palazzo RV

Palace in Italian is “Palazzo” which is the model of the new RV we expect to take delivery on next week. We’re towing our old trailer and will also transport out current RV to the dealer to trade in on the new palace.

The new motorhome is four feet longer than the one we’re trading in, and has a wheelbase of eighteen and a third feet which is only 2.3 feet longer than current. I estimate we can get the new rig in our RV drive OK, but will be exercising extreme caution when we park it here the first time.

After we bring it home and move all the household items into it, our maiden voyage should be just after Valentine’s day on an excursion to see little Jerry, the grandson. After that, possibly in April, we will take the palace to northern California to welcome our second great grandchild, baby Maci, into the world.

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Spiny Oyster Set

Spiny Oyster Set

I got the bracelet as a gift earlier this year and over the Christmas Holiday I received the rest of the set: the earrings and necklace. All of them are Arizona Native American jewelry craftsmanship . Beautiful addition to my collection of shiny things to wear. :)

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Jerry’s Choo Choo

Jerry Riding Thomas the Train

We went to the California Desert over the weekend to celebrate a belated first birthday of our grandson, Jerry. We brought several presents for him, but this little Thomas the Train motorized ride-on toy might have been his favorite. We weren’t able to set up the track that came with the engine, but his folks will do that for him when they get back to their place. Click on the image to enlarge.

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