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New Throwback Dining Room Set

Dining Room Set

After finally retiring the old dining room furniture to a local charitable organization, Bob and I assembled the new table last week. Today, we ate our Easter Sunday Dinner using the new furniture.

The photo does not clearly show the snow white color of the table top but it does render the candy-apple red faux Naugahyde™ chair color and the shiny chrome on both table and chairs. The whole dining room set effect takes us back to the 1950’s Diner era with its appearance.

We think it’s charming. Click on the image to enlarge.

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Thanksgiving 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

We have a turkey breast in the smoker this morning which will be the entrée for our Thanksgiving dinner. We know that we are blessed on this day and others by the grace of God. May He bless you and yours on this day of thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Household Dietary Changes

Cobb Salad

Verna and I are now on a low carbohydrate dining regimen because of recent doctor’s advice. I could stand to lose some weight and She needs to lower her triglycerides and glucose. With those criteria in mind, we are now avoiding pasta, bread, cereal, fruit and other carb and sugar laden food items.

About the diet: we’re not going to strictly count carbohydrates, but rather select food items that we know are on the “good” list. It’s not really hard to do and there is plenty of on-line help and printed recipes that support the diet.

The Cobb Salad (pictured above - click to enlarge) we had for lunch yesterday was nutritious, high in protein and fiber, and delicious. Since October 21st, dinners that we posted on the Food Blog reflect the sorts of things we are now eating.

Over the last week, we have been easing ourselves into revised eating habits and this weekend we prepared both main meals with the diet in mind. We’re just getting started and already we’re noticing subtle changes to our bodies.

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Electric Pepper Mill

Electric Pepper MillWith both of us experiencing discomfort in our hands with osteo-arthritis, we have had difficulty using simple kitchen tools like our traditional pepper grinder. The grasping and twisting motions were difficult for us to dispense fresh ground pepper without experiencing pain. Sure, the pain was minor, but, still it was unpleasant. What could we do to alleviate the pain?

Enter the OPUX Battery-operated Salt and Pepper Grinder Set! Our order arrived today which included two grinders, one for pepper and the other for salt. However, we use a salt shaker for when we dispense salt and seemed to have an extra grinder. But Wait! We could use a battery operated pepper mill for the RV. So Verna installed the batteries in both, loaded them with peppercorns and placed one on our kitchen counter in the house and the other in the galley in the RV. Perfect! Now, with the press of a button, freshly ground pepper is painlessly dispensed on our foodstuffs either at home or on the road.

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January Outdoor Grilling

January Outdoor GrillingWe managed to escape a few showers that were moving through the area today in order to cook our entrée on the grill behind the patio. There were showers early in the morning and then a reprise until after we finished dinner and put the grill away before some shower activity resumed.

Image: Us posing on the RV Drive in front of the grill as the robot camera took our picture.

Our delicious meal consisted of Grilled Chateaubriand with Carrot/Snow Peas Medley and Mashed Potatoes. The roast was part of a beef tenderloin that we bought a couple of weeks ago. The side dishes were also very good.

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Labor Day 2016

Labor Day Grilling’

Labor Day is here and with it come some cooler temperatures. It only got up to 97° here today and it was good weather for cookin’ on the grill. We enjoyed grilled beef tenderloin steaks (Filet Mignon), steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato.

We are going to miss the summer, but here in our town, second spring has begun and will last until almost Thanksgiving. The mild Wickenburg winter weather attracts snowbirds from the arctic states from Labor Day until Memorial Day next year

Click on the image to enlarge..

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Bacon American Cheeseburger July 4th

Bacon Cheeseburger

Despite 102° temperature outside, we grilled burgers and roasted corn on the Grill Master today. We did have refreshing beverages to offset the heat, however. The burgers, corn and carrot salad were all delicious. Happy Independence Day!

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