The Dog Park

Hi, this is Bear. The hoomins took all their dogs to the dog park. It was fun. We all like to run around without our leashes and smelling all the smells. We had the park all to ourselves with the Mama and the Daddy. This is me on the top of the dog ramp. Click to make me big.


Bear Cut Day

The hoomins took Cabela and me to the groomer today. We both had baths and I got a summer haircut. This is us all nice and clean and me with my new haircut. Click the picture to make us big. OK – nap time – bye!


Looking Out the Window

When the hoomins are outside the house and we are inside, we like to look out the windows. I can see OK but Cabela needs to stand on her hind legs to see the hoomins. Click us to make us big.


Happiness is a Warm Puppy (or Two)


When the weather gets cold and rainy, the Mama puts on our sweaters and gives us blankets to keep warm. Sometimes I let Cabela share my bed even though she has one too. Click the picture to make us big. OK nap time now – bye.

Morning Sun


The Daddy was fixing breakfast in the kitchen, so Cabela and I laid down in a little patch of sunlight in the dining room while we waited to see if we would get something to eat. We kept each other warm and we were very cozy.

After a while, the Daddy took us upstairs to get the Mama so she could have the breakfast that the Daddy made. When they were done, Cabela and I got our breakfasts too. It was good.

Click on the picture of us to make us big. OK time for a nap. ‘Bye.