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Vulture Mountain Panorama

Vulture Mountain Panorama

We took the dogs to the groomer today. While we were out running some errands, we took a very short drive out into the Vulture Mountains south of town. We seldom do this, but had some time since the dogs were otherwise occupied and we felt like seeing some of our wonderful desert scenery up close.

I composed this panoramic image along the roadside of a local mountain ridge with a rock outcropping on the left in the foreground and Vulture peak in the distance on the right. This view shows a saguaro-studded landscape with a sprinkling of teddy bear cholla and palo verde trees. Click on the image to view the full-sized panorama.

Vulture Mountain Panorama


This is a view of the Vulture Mountain Range located south of Wickenburg. Verna took this photo from US 60 southeast of the range and I cropped it into this panoramic view. Vulture peak, the highest point in the range, is the prominent feature in the distance near the center of the panorama.

Vernal Equinox 2023

OK — the first day of Spring and the Equinox are here. The nights of darkness and days of sunlight are of equal lengths, according to the official astronomical ephemeris. However, at our particular latitude and longitude here in Arizona, the day length grew to just over twelve hours last Wednesday per the actual observed sunrise to sunset times. So, we can look forward to longer days peaking at the Summer Solstice and then on to the Fall Equinox when they fall back to be less than 12 hours again.

As of a couple of weeks ago, the Turkey Buzzards have begun to migrate back to Arizona and other northern places, I assume. These vultures bring the promise of warmer conditions for us, although there is still some cooler weather and precipitation still headed our way.

Even though it will be a month or more before the Pride of Barbados or Red Bird of Paradise shrubs to return from their winter slumber (we cut them back to nearly ground level in the fall). We expect that the hummers will begin to take advantage of the nectar when the gorgeous flowers return to our courtyard.

Enjoy the warmer weather and longer daylight. We know we will be enjoying the spring weather, birds and flowers.

Images courtesy of Verna.

The Hassayampa River – East Bank


After visiting the Wickenburg Sportsmen’s Club on Saturday, we drove down a road along the east bank of the Hassayampa River This view shows Vulture Peak in the distance and the river in the foreground. The town is in between the two landmarks. Click on the image to enlarge.

Panorama of Hassayampa River and Wickenburg

We took a scenic drive up to the northeast from town today. When we got to the summit of Scenic Loop Drive, Verna took an image back toward town. I cropped the image into a panoramic view of the Hassayampa River with Wickenburg in the distance and Vulture Peak and the Vulture Mountains beyond. Click on the thumbnail below to see the full-sized panoramic image.


Valley View Panorama


We took a little ride today up to Yarnell, a little mountain mining town on State Route 89 north of Wickenburg. There is a steep, winding section of the road between Congress and Yarnell. On the downhill side, there is a scenic pull-out with this view of the valley south of the Weaver Mountains.

I composed this panoramic view of the valley from three exposures which I later stitched into this panoramic image. On the horizon, you can see Vulture Peak towards the left of the image; moving right, you can see the Harcuhala and Harcuvar mountain ranges toward the right of the image. In the valley below, you can see a large stockyard in the left center and the town of Congress toward the right. Click on the panorama for the full-size view.