Wickenburg Bluegrass Festival


Verna and I went to the 36th Annual Wickenburg Bluegrass Festival today. We didn’t stay long, but we enjoyed the music and shopping at the concessions set up on the rodeo grounds.

I took several images of the performance area with the crowd enjoying the music as the performers played. I stitched the images together to make this panoramic view of the event. Click on the image to view the full sized panorama.

Vulture Mountain Panorama

Vulture Mountain Panorama

We took the dogs to the groomer today. While we were out running some errands, we took a very short drive out into the Vulture Mountains south of town. We seldom do this, but had some time since the dogs were otherwise occupied and we felt like seeing some of our wonderful desert scenery up close.

I composed this panoramic image along the roadside of a local mountain ridge with a rock outcropping on the left in the foreground and Vulture peak in the distance on the right. This view shows a saguaro-studded landscape with a sprinkling of teddy bear cholla and palo verde trees. Click on the image to view the full-sized panorama.

Filling the Spa

Filling the Spa

Now that virtually all of the dust-generating construction is complete, we decided to fill up the spa for the summer season. In the image above, the water level is nearing the three hundred gallon level, which is the nominal capacity.

This year, we’re using salt, rather than chlorine, as the clarifying agent. Salt is composed of sodium and chlorine, but the odor and harshness of the agent is eliminated.

Lunch at Ike’s Golden Nugget


Verna and I decided to check out Ike’s Gold Nugget restaurant that recently opened their doors after restoration and remodeling of the old Nugget under Ike’s management. The Cook Shack, Ike’s former venue, is now closed, but they brought some of the old menu and combined it with the new place.

We had a lovely day today. Temperature was in the high 70’s with sweet breezes. We sat on the outdoor patio and enjoyed a chili size that we split. I had the camera’s robot take this photo as we posed. Click on the image to enlarge.

Eastern Sierra Cinder Cone

Cinder Cone

On or way south along US 395, east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, we saw this cinder cone rising above the alluvial plain of the Owens Valley. The volcanic activity that formed this cone must have happened at some time after the upwards thrust of the tectonic plate collision which formed the mountain range in the distance.

There is evidence all along the Owens Valley that validates the natural events that made the visual landmarks. Diaz Lake, being one of the most recent geological events, did not exist until the late 1800’s when an earthquake caused the land to drop and for mountain springs to fill the void. Diaz lake is still an attraction for campers and boaters that come here. Click on the image to enlarge.